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Like termites they ate themselves out of house and home, and then it all ended abruptly. What politicians toiled hard for centuries to prevent was undone by religious fanatics in a moment of insanity. In an instant, scarcity and overcrowding gave way to total destruction and complete annihilation and from pole to pole the face of the earth was changed forever. Only few survived. Among them the town of New-Hope, a dying community of 690 desperate families, the last of their kind, who through their struggle to survive and protect their only and most valuable possession, their still, have lost touch with their humanity. STiLL is an engaging and heart-warming tale filled with hope, compassion and humor, about the survival of the crew and passengers of the alien flagship Maka which, that was sabotaged on its way home from the intergalactic conference, and crashed on a desolate, inhospitable and uninhabitable remains of what once was a thriving, technologically advanced planet, thirty-two years after the complete destruction of the planet, in a region that was once known as mid-Texas; how they build their own community, how they transformed themselves to look human and how they help the 690 families of New-Hope turn their lives around, while making a new life for themselves.

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