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Being a killer, the best of her kind, is all that Mira knows. Growing up she was taught nothing other then how to kill and survive. Having been taught to live without emotions has been easy, up till now. Her next assignment, Hawke, the son of a famous movie star and soon to be Mayor. Hawke knows how to draw attention, even when he doesnt mean to... after all he is famous and always has an entourage following him around. How is Mira supposed to kill Hawke if hes always surrounded by people? Easy... go undercover. Entering a world Mira knows nothing about might seem simple, but when youve been taught to do nothing but kill, it can be agonizing. Mira finds herself not only having to live the life of a rich college kid, but having to act like she enjoys it, until everything changes. Mira has faced Disco Dancing Zombies and Blood Screaming Banshees, but never has she had to endure Sorority sisters.And as she starts to settle in to the life she has to live under cover, her world turns upside down again with the news that she has to keep Hawke alive. What Mira doesnt know may get her killed this time.

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