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Sweet Revenge The gang has travelled from Saturn after battling Katoni several times. They are invited to Jupiter, Stuart's planet, but must flee when Saje's dancing drives the vampires wild. The youngsters then find a planet to call home: Xemorf. Each night, they dream up a memory of one of the crew members. The crew debate whether or not they should remain on the revealing planet just when some new and old friends arrive to shake things up. In addition, they struggle against their latest enemy:The Great Karia. He is the universe's only tenth-stage virus and is dead set on finishing the job he started hundreds of years ago. However, before he can set his plan in motion, an even greater enemy is revealed as a mysterious rip in the universe leaves everyone vulnerable. Razi's Odd Planet Karia and Katoni have grudgingly decided to remain with the group for protection from their greater enemies. The walls of the universes have started crumbling and the alternates are after them for some strange reason. John and Stuart become obsessed with Saje and she later finds out it’s because of a dark secret hidden in her past. Unable to trust anyone, she meets a mysterious boy and forms a deep bond with him.

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