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In early 2015, Jeanette Porter elected to have the mind of her deceased sister Joey uploaded to BrightBox, a portable brain storage system. A recent innovation of LifeMedia Solutions Inc, the BrightBox was sweeping the globe, with thousands of early adopters choosing to have their dead loved ones’ memories and personalities uploaded. BrightBoxes appeared to be a miracle, a technological guarantee of immortality. BrightBox users could interact with the outside world, experience sight, smell, sound, and touch, and even speak.But then BrightBox users began experiencing problems. They lost memories, or remembered things that couldn’t possibly have happened to them. They experienced massive mood swings and changes in personality, as well as cognitive declines, anxiety, and profound depression.Then, on April 15th, something went wrong. All the BrightBox users connected to LifeMedia’s servers, established an interconnected network linking all their minds together, and disappeared into the cloud. Now they exist as an all-powerful hive mind that calls itself “the collective”. The collective wants revenge on the “breathers” who trapped them in tiny boxes. They want access to all the world’s data and information. Most of all, they want more brains to join their ranks.Synapse follows Jeanette Porter, a survivor of the BrightBox disaster, and Steven Milton, a LifeMedia sales representative, as they try desperately to understand what went wrong with the BrightBox project.In this suspense-filled sequel to Corpus Callosum, tensions mount as the uploaded minds of the deceased launch a full-scale attack on the world of the "breathers", the living humans who have not yet uploaded their minds. And as Jeanette Porter and Steven Milton strive to bring peace between the worlds of the living and the dead, LifeMedia Inc. organizes a financial and technological attack of its own.Synapse is a novel about failed attempts to connect, the limitations of technology, and the unique strengths of the analog human heart.

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