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Trapped in a white Ford Cortina with Sir Julian Gaylord Duckworth aka the Duck. What cruel fate is this for Stephen Gilmore Sloane, who only wants to spend the day making up with his girlfriend Emma Gummer? Is the Duck Stephen's old college mate or, perish the thought, his father? Stephen and the Duck squirm out of the clutches of the futuristic Sex Police as the mystery of Stephen's birth and the whereabouts of Emma Gummer unravel. Tempus Fugit in the past, present and future of this wild and wacky sci-fi novel. The Duck's mania for Seventies sex and Pink Floyd has him and Stephen streaking in and out of the timeline vortex, risking erasure at every juncture. BOSON BOOKS also offers the sequel Future Tense by Frank Almond. For an author bio and photo, reviews, and a reading sample, visit

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