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A pioneering SF masterpiece with two SF horror action thriller movie-style novelettes!Something is buried deep beneath the ice near an Antarctic American ice station and Russian intelligence agencies uncover a deadly mind-bending voyager and make contact! In the depths of the moon scientists create a stargate after time warps and forms of black holes are created in particle accelerators in space!A sphere hurtles out of the black depths of space with such velocity that it is undetected by astronomers and observatories! Its origins remains undetected by the sources that do detect it, set up for high speed objects, and are detection sites for high speed objects of military origins and unidentified flying objects, and only Russian intelligence agencies investigate its source because of its tremendous velocity and its descent is traced into a secret region of the Antarctic!The exact location it comes down at is traced to a hidden secret Antarctic American military base and they investigate it further to discover why!Scientists at the secret underground ice station do not even know of its arrival and it is only recorded as an immense unknown explosion or earthquake of unknown origins in the region, which lasted seconds during the night!What is there is unknown and only after intense observations, research, and discussions by the leading scientists they establish the thing has artificial origins, with vast unknown technology, and they investigate it as far as they can, even with the American ice station located nearby!Something is buried deep beneath the ice near the ice station and they discover its forces melted the ice and that the water froze over it and that it hid itself there!Deep in the depths of the moon scientists have been carrying out some of the greatest and most dangerous research experiments attained!A leading military intelligence agent is sent in on an ultimate mission! Leading people and scientists are being killed everywhere and nobody knows why!There are hidden confidential moonbases carrying out research on something colossal and mind-blowing and nobody knows what!Scientists create a stargate after time warps and new forms of black holes were created in particle accelerators in space, and nobody knows what their deadliest technology will create and do next! Reports claim there is an ultimate weapon capable of destroying entire worlds! Has it been created to destroy a dangerous alien civilization and threat as part of a real Star Wars program?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033724169
    • ISBN:  9781310991646

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