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In 2223, Earth’s main problems are overcrowding and rampant identity theft. The cure for the first is resettlement and for the second DNA-driven bio-computers. The main axiom: Doubt Everyone, Question Everything. Robert Hinder, as Arbiter of Identity, leads an expedition to the planetoid Logos. Anti-tech terrorists and biologically contaminated animals turn the mission deadly. The book chronicles an attempt to transform a planetoid for habitation and develop bio-technical methods for identity security. Here is an early account on the planetoid:Although in every village the threat of possible Munor attacks were uppermost in most settlers minds, a more fearful response was conjured by other denizens on Logos. There were the Pitaks, the half lizard-half snake creatures. They had a snakes body except for the tiny-clawed feet that gave them moderate speed in soft soil. The Pitaks leathery green skin matched precisely the green foliage of the Katanga bushes, so when it did scurry across the brown-red sandstone, its sharp claws spinning on the smooth rock, it was an easy target for settlers. The only threat from the Pitaks came from the unfortunate settler or soldier who walked through the Green and suffered a bite from one of the camouflaged creatures. Two pairs of retractable six-inch fangs, though not venomous, would lock onto a victim until it died of blood loss. For a bitten human, this meant hours of pain and eventual surgical removal.But, it was the Corac spider that elicited more fear. Coracs lived entirely underground, at least as far as anyone knew, had twelve legs, were reddish-brown and had two black eyes that revolved completely around to see their one prey, Katangan cave crickets.As much a danger was having your identity stolen––even from remnants of skin or hair. So, everyone shaved:"Are you sure you dont want to do it with an organic peel?" Dena asked Sheryl. "Those little critters would just love to sink their teeth into this gorgeous blonde hair of yours. The part thats not burned, that is." Dena enjoyed teasing Sheryl, because she knew she was still a bit nervous about getting her hair cut off."No, I dont like the thought of being eaten, even if its totally safe," Sheryl said. "Besides, I like feeling the blade scrape my skin. Put it on." She handed the blue lubricating cream to Dena, who stood above and behind her.Dena took the cream and began applying it. As she did, she marveled at the fact that Sheryl felt the same way she did about the blade. Not many people these days tolerated, much less enjoyed, such ancient and, some would say, barbaric practices. Denas fascination with the blade also was why she carried a dagger concealed in her jumpsuit."Yes maam," Dena said mockingly. "But first, lets cut this off." She snipped the remnant of the once-long braid, then dangled it in front of Sheryl. "Want to keep this?" she asked.There was a pause as both contemplated briefly the personal nature of this overture, then Dena reached over to take back the braid. Their hands brushed briefly in the exchange.DNA theft, threats from dangerous denizens and the mutations of created are among the risks faced by all on Logos. Come read the surprising ending!

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