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Linda and Phil Springfield have had this funny dream for a few nights. It keeps repeating itself each night. The dream was about, they walked in a meadow, and there were people that keep changing colors as they come closer. Linda and Phil decides, if the dream comes back again tonight, let's follow them and see what will happen. The following night, the dream was back. And as they had decided, they tried to follow the figures that beckoned them to follow. They followed these beings, and as they did they see many others doing the same. "Have all these people had the same dream?" asked Linda as they kept on following these people. Suddenly they had arrived to a small town, and a person that called himself the Mayor told them, "you have been brought over to our side because we need your help with a small matter." "What is it that we can help you with?" asked Phil, looking at this Mayor. "We are unable to do physical work, and the people that came the night before you, have done most of the manual work. We would like you people to continue where they left of, and hopefully finish this project." The group were shown a building that only needed the drywall cover, and painting. "How do we know you are telling the truth," asked Phil. As an answer the Mayor looked around among the people that had as Phil and Linda come over in their dream. "Here is one I recognize," said the Mayor. "What is your name my good man, and why did you come back another night?" "My name is George Falcon, and I returned because I can use the money we are being paid for the work." It didn't take long before the group noticed that George was full of crap. He belongs here and is a friend of the Mayor. One of the men grabbed George and removed his shoes. George immediately started to sink down in the ground. "That fucking turd is one of them." said one man. "Yes he belong with us," admitted the Mayor. "Give him back his shoes or he will die." The group started to do the work the Mayor had asked them to do, and set up all the drywall's. It was a heavy work, but before the night was over there was only the painting left to be done. "Now what are we being paid for this work?" asked Phil. "We can pay you in your own currency, or we can pay you in gold or precious stones." "How do we know you can send us back to our own bedrooms?" asked Phil, and after some farther discussion each person decided to get paid the way he liked best. Where did they get the gold or precious stones if they can't do manual work? Is it all a lei? Linda got a pair of the anti gravity shoes, and brought it with her home. The best trophy sh could ever have chosen.

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