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Professor Phil Harding was visited by his cyborg brother, John Harding. "So, what's the good news?" asked Phil as his brother entered their house. "A friend of mine, another cyborg had when visiting Papua New Guinea searching for the big Orangutan found these bat people living in a cave. I'm going to visit these bats, are you coming with me?" "Of course I'm coming," said Phil and asked when the plane leaves. "I have everything lined up. My car is outside and a helicopter is waiting to take us to the airport." "Don't you want a cup of coffee?" asked Liz, Phil's wife. "No thanks. If you have a pint of good oil I could use it," joked John as he and Phil went out to the car. Arriving at Port Moresby New Guinea some Australian soldiers were waiting for them. The trip up to the central mountain range went without problems. After driving for an hour, they heard a scream. Checking it out, it was one of the bat people being attacked by a large animal. Sergeant Wills with his rifle shot in the air, and scared away the animal. This Pat person told us that his name was Arrdt and he had only been out for some exercise when attacked. We were invited to followed him, and we walked up to a huge cave. Inside the cave was a large space craft. "We had to land here to find some ore needed to repair our ship," explained Arrdt. This was the start of the most exciting trip I have ever had. The ship was repaired, and some of the alien crew opted to become cyborgs.

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