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Written for all age groups. The Beginning is the story of what should have been a simple mining operation. Tel of the Taman had no intention of exposing his crew to the daily challenges associated with the people of earth. But an attack on the family of a veteran of the Civil War leads to a situation the Taman cannot ignore. Spanning over 100 years, the crew of this Taman saucer will meet a newspaper reporter, her photographer, and the American military to defend earth from a warring race known as the Colar. Two members of the Taman mining crew will find a friend and ally within the journalist. This woman, who would be young in the 1950’s, but seasoned in the 1990’s, will visit the Taman homeworld with her fiancé. She will learn as much about herself as she will from her hosts, and unknowingly help protect not only her family but her native earth.

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