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In a wood in a small town, there exists an unusual tree. Its trunk is black and its leaves are gold on one side and silver on the other. The animals all gather around it during the night. For some reason, perhaps because of the tree itself, the inhabitants of the town are unable to fight fires. The tree has been there longer than anyone can remember. One day, someone braves up enough to touch it. The universe will never be the same. Sometime in the 3000’s a young girl discovers that she is a lost princess from the planet Saturn after her school burns down. Several teens are taken from Earth and begin the journey home to help their parents win a war. Along the way they bicker, uncover secrets, and try to regain lost memories. The series details their various adventures fighting old enemies, dealing with love and lives past, and watching the walls between alternate universes crumble as they try to find a home. Will their world ever make sense? Find out in this fantastic and cuil journey.

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