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Quinn McAlister woke up floating above her bed on her eighteenth birthday. For this shy introverted girl this is the worst thing that could ever happen. She learns that she is a “Miles Dei”, a soldier of God that has been called to fight monsters and Demons. Her quiet world has been turned upside down and now with some freaky powers that she finds difficult to control she must start her training with an Angel of all things. Quinn must find the strength and faith that she never thought she had to fight because no matter how much she does not want to be the chosen one the monsters and Demons are coming and she must be prepared. With help from some unlikely allies she just might find everything she has been looking for. “And so it shall come to pass that a champion will be sent, one in each generation. A first born daughter of a first born daughter, she will be endowed with certain gifts and shall set forth to protect my children from the fallen ones.”

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