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It’s the year 2091. Sixteen-year-old Ryan Chase lives in the Pacific Northwest with his scientist parents, Drs. Ryan and Elise, and little sister, Faith Ann. Four years prior, an asteroid smashed into the planet causing untold death and destruction before a protective force field--designed by Ryans father--could be deployed. In the aftermath, oppressive government authorities reassign the Chase family to the Perhentian Archipelago, located far away in Southeast Asia, where Ryans marine biologist mother continues to monitor the effects of radiation on the ocean.While on a dangerous solo deep dive, Ryan is "liquefied"--literally sucked through time by the Order of Saint Michael, guardians of the Perhentian Archipelago, who are desperately seeking Dr. Chase or his force-field research in order to prevent a new (or is it the same?) asteroid cataclysm. Unsure if he is in the past or the future, the injured Ryan awakens from his ordeal and converses with a caretaker at the monks sanctuary who turns out to be so much more. After secretly overhearing some of the monks plans, the frightened and confused teen decides to escape with the help of Martin the cook, a simple and trusting soul, and flee into the woods. There, Ryan stumbles upon a group of teenage bullies known as “Lo-Tekkers”--sons of those who enforce a strict low technology code on this tropical island.The Lo-Tekkers are just beginning to torture some local boys for violating the code when a mysterious Asian girl frees them with her “illegal” Hi-Tek bow and arrows. Suddenly, a young French woman dressed in medieval warrior garb appears out of nowhere and assists the archer in routing the bullies. Thus begins Ryan’s training as a knight and the adventure that will require courage and grace, as well as the strength of angels and saints, because demonic powers are on the rise and a massive asteroid looms over the horizon.

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