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Earth is ruled by creatures of the night. The hidden manipulators of the masses. Vampires whose politics are byzantine. Each Vampirus controlled by a Dracula. Each continent has a single Dracula. Vampirus Americanus ruled by Spironus. an old Dracula, who has ruled for over a century. The Were, those infected with the Versapellis retrovirus and ruled over by a single Lord. The Unmortals, who once ruled through religion but have passed into myth. Into this Earth comes Tait. Kenyon Tait is a bounty hunter, bard, and wizard. He is ripped from his home to Earth through an experiment gone awry. This is the story of his time on Earth hunted by those from his home, trying to fit in, and searching for reason in the seemingly random event. He always has brought change wherever he has gone. He attracts followers, some by choice, others by mistake. Mei is sent by the Tong to watch him as he achieves a task he is uniquely qualified for. Joe, a Sax player who learns what 'the wrong kind of friends' might really mean. Abigail Bouchier, called Silence by the Union, trained by Tait to be an assassin. Jane, a gang enforcer, who follows Tait after being offered a deal. Sally a street musician in New Orleans who is catapulted to fame. Bones, a piano player in New York, who discovers more of his talents and learns more about his family through of Tait. He finds allies. Dr. Moriarity, an underworld kingpin, who contracts Tait for his unique abilities. Amanda, leader of the Unmortals in the US, in whom he finds a kindred soul. Beth Johnson, who becomes his government contact. Even Spironus, Dracula of Noramericanus, who reveals his desire to Tait. He also finds enemies. Those who follow him from his home, the Themisites. Who are chasing him for capture to bring him home to justice. Hector Jones, a policeman, trying to solve crimes by Tait and Tait's associates. James Jamison, a power hungry Sorcerer bent on subjugating the Vampires through his pet Vampire Lady.

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