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    Dave Morgan's father died when little David was only two. His frigid, prudish mother, having been released from the odious sexual servitude of marriage while simultaneously benefiting from a generous life insurance payout, never remarried. Because she was so prudish, it was in the bras and panties section of his mother's JC Penney's catalogues that he first saw the basics of the physical differences between men and women - differences which, even at a very young age, both fascinated and aroused him.It was in the summer between the fifth and sixth grades that he finally saw just what it was that filled that fascinating underwear in the catalogues when he and his friend ferreted out the pile of girlie magazines his friend's father kept hidden in a cupboard in his garage workshop.Thus, the world of heterosexual eroticism was opened to him visually by the education he received in the pages of Playboy, but it was closed to him psychologically by the education he got as the target of his mother's disapproving tongue. Dave grew up horny as a hoot owl, but he remained convinced that women did not like sex, got no pleasure from it, and put up with it only when they had to…and then only when there was something in it for them.Dave's sex life centered around the use of his good right hand, the abundance of magazines featuring unclad women, and an active imagination. When he met the woman who would become Mrs. Morgan, he found a girl with whom he could talk and laugh and explore, but sex was never part of that exploration. He wanted it, but thanks to the poisoning of his libido by his mother, he didn't expect it. With just a few exciting exceptions, sex for Dave and Allison was a monthly ordeal, as they worked fruitlessly at getting her pregnant.Then the world ended for Dave when Allison learned of his "perverted" solitary sexual existence, which served as a substitute for what he wanted from her. When she learned of his frequent masturbation, that discovery disturbed her deeply. She filed for divorce, almost destroying him in the process.Dave was approaching the end of his ability to cope with the loss of Allison and was planning the best way to end his pain by ending his life when he met Toni Steele. Pretty, smart and aggressive, she was magnetically sensual, and the two of them were immediately drawn to each other. All thought of suicide fled his mind as soon as he looked into Toni's deep, dark eyes.The torrid exploration of each other's sexuality that followed their first meeting grew rapidly from lust to love, but it was a love endangered by a terrible secret from Toni's past.

    Detalhes do Produto

      • Ano de Edição: 2014
      • Ano:  2014
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2000861224445
      • ISBN:  9781554045792

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