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Goodreads reviews - 4 stars. The world gathers on a precipice over chaos: In the West, the God-Emperor Cardolyn Tyier broods over his vast conquests and plots the subjugation of all other kingdoms. To the South, the Kalvonder Plutocracy continues their bloody entertainments, too invested in small schemes, transient vices and petty ascensions to notice one of their own has a far grander design. From the East, a legion of paladins embarks on a crusade of holy conquest against the secluded Northlands, intent on supplanting the land’s sovereign deity and crushing it beneath their pantheon. But these are children’s squabbles, for a forgotten evil hides behind these conflicts, amassing power and guiding humanity toward the precipice. The world has had many names for it, but men always called them Muntalabacs: Dread Lords.  The Avenar know one has resurfaced. They can feel his quiet footsteps resounding across the world and heralding the renewed conflict between their families. The Avenar are spent, though, and will need whatever help the can find, be it from eccentrics, outcasts or madmen. Review snippets …Tristan and Keegan Kosinski prove themselves to be writers of impressive talent in this unusual fantasy tale which seamlessly blends the narratives of many well fleshed-out characters… … It is rich with background, history and colourful characters spread across many countries… … The authors have taken their time in letting the story unfold and allowing us to become acquainted with and invested in the characters and their world. The antics of Slade (often quite humorous and occasionally over the top) act as nice reprieve from the brutal existence of Dieharamon and the South…kobo …Unpredictable, engaging fantasy that will appeal to fans of longer, more complicated series, such as those by Martin and Sanderson… …The story gripped me from the beginning and kept my attention to the end. It’s an entertaining read and especially recommended for those who love fantasy tales and want to escape reality for a few hours… …What it is, is a well-crafted fantasy written by co-authors who definitely know how to tell a tale. The attention to detail and character development is particularly notable… Some of their short-story reviews… these can all be found on or amazon …Tristen Kozinski weaves an intriguing tale in this novelette that is calculated to keep the reader glued til the end… …The author did an excellent job imbuing setting and character in such a short story… …This short story is absolutely amazing! It's fascinating, but it's hard to describe since I've never read anything like it. …There’s a lot of talent here and Nemesis has given me an apatite to see other work by this author, maybe something more drawn out and substantial… If you email us a link to your review for The Darkness That Slept, we will gift you an advanced reading copy of  "The City of Locked Doors" or "The Alistar's Hearts".  

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001118410161
    • ISBN:  9780998244006

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