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Time is running out – for the planet and for Prince EJ. Although the quarter of a billion dollar bounty has been removed from Prince EJ’s head, the Terrians still hunts him and his family, and will not rest until they are all dead. Unknown to the Waters and Terrians, a new adversary has arisen, one determined to rob the Terrian Leader of his prize. He will take from the Waters one of their most cherished members one by one.Swaybuk and the new Ancient begin their search for the Keeper. They begin their adventure in Central and South America, hoping to find out why the Keeper disappeared and where he is hidden. Confident their quest is a secret, they have no idea that they are being hunted.Finally, the day arrives when Prince EJ must admit he cannot save the Earth and he must accept defeat. The Complex is closed and all Oonocks are ordered to return to Europa. EJ, Medi, the four kids, Medi’s human family and a handful of Oonocks relocate to Pacific Blue to wait for the end of the world, hopefully hidden from human detection beneath the vast Pacific Ocean. Then, just as all hope is lost, something wonderful happens, giving the young Prince new hope. But to use this new hope, he must stand before the human race and tell them who he and his family are and the real truth of where they come from. Is it possible, that after more than six thousand years, the real dream of Atlantis would at last be realizedThe Dream of Atlantis is the last book in Prince Enoks trilogy.

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