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The Dream Watchers CollectionRonnie Coleingers latest collection of fiction and science fiction short stories range from one hundred word flash fiction stories, to poems that will stir your emotions and imagination. The life we humans live is much too short to waste even one precious moment. Your mind can sleep while it rests on the soft silky pillow in your coffin, or on a blazing log of your funeral pyre. Let Ronnie take your mind on a journey, a journey that will keep that brain in your skull well exercised. The human mind sets no boundaries and can take you into distant yet unexplored galaxies; visit entities that modern day science tells us cannot exist and explore the deepest recesses of your own soul. You are about to begin a journey that will take you very near the edge of your own sanity, a place where your mind may wonder off and explore its own little adventure before returning to Ronnies world. Take a deep breath, wipe your feet at the door, and step into Ronnies world: pleasant dreams!Ronnie Coleinger

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