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    On November 17 1986, flight JAL 1628 cargo jet made international history. The routine flight encountered three massive UFO's while the crew was on their way to land at Anchorage Alaska. Days after the incident happened, it became one of the most famous UFO cases of all time. This is what the "The Encounter Over Alaska", is based on. When lead executive investigator for accidents and incidents for the FAA. Scott Andrews is made aware of the case. He at first is unfazed by the report and believes their must be a plausible reason for the experienced pilot and his crew to make up such a claim about UFO's over Alaska. But when investigative reporter Nicole Martone, proves to Andrews their is a cover up of evidence, of both military and civilian radar reports of the UFO's tracking the 747 cargo plane for over 45 minutes. Together Andrews and Martone will fight to put all the pieces together of why this incident would be covered up by FAA officials and the CIA itself. Scott will not only risk his career but also his own life, as he will fight to prove to the world one of the most famous UFO cases since the Roswell incident, did indeed take place. Get ready for an unbelievable thrill ride, as one man fights to seek the truth to share with the whole world and the answer to the biggest question of all time. Are we truly alone in the universe? One of the most debated and controversial subjects of all time will be brought to light in this adrenaline filled novel, by Mark Barresi.

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