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Life in the early part of the fourth millennium is witness to remarkable advances for mankind. As testament to human expansion into the Milky Way, the term Sapien now identifies several species along with our own. As human nature does not necessarily change with the neighborhood, these machinations frequently meet with resistance from locals on worlds poised for inclusion into the growing Commonwealth of Man. The bigger, better army almost always prevails and the Sapien Armada along with its covert arm of influence, the Corps for Civil Adjudication, tends to keep the peace. But something is threatening this monopoly of force and even the structure of life itself for the mostly oblivious citizens of the galaxy. One Sapien agent for the Corps, named Trace Exide, takes particular interest in this latest development. As events unfold and he is embroiled in more chaos than usual, he begins to suspect the the source of this overwhelming entropy could actually be himself. The worlds and wilds featured in The Exide Equation, welcome us to join Trace and his colorful companions as they strive to establish The Sapien Way in lands where beings far removed from our present seem to be looking back at us in question, asking what we have done to their universe.

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