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For millennia, the erzu soared gracefully on the winds above the summit of Qi’ Lam in the Lamana Moga. The aerial prowess of this magnificent, winged creature always inspired the Loxu, who lived in these rugged mountains since the dawn of their race. They created a technologically advanced civilization that existed in harmony with their world, Dynia, through the use of renewable resources. After building habitats on two inner planets and two moons in their solar system, they were on the verge of unlocking the mysteries of faster-than-light travel to the stars in just one thousand revolutions of their primary star, Sirla, since they launched their first aircraft into the skies.Ataga Surakorta, was a gifted and accomplished pilot who was undertaking graduate studies in aeronautical engineering at the university in Shahwar, the largest city of the Loxu. Through unforeseen circumstances, he was transported back in time with only the clothes on his back, his timepiece, and his wits to sustain him. In the world that he entered, the ancient Loxu had been long enslaved by a powerful race of marauding warriors, the Salti.He gained the confidence of his ancestors and rallied them to rise up against their Salti masters. He combined the application of modern technologies with the available resources. The reality that he helped to create profoundly impacted the lives of all Loxu for the rest of time. He fostered the rapid development of Loxu knowledge and originated the legend of the Fire Erzu of Qi’ Lam.

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