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For aeons the universe has been ruled by the council of the Educational and Scientific Research Anomaly (ESRA). Their CEO, Draper, has developed a program of sending trainees to manage emerging planetary systems according to the ESRA doctrine of "create life in your own image." Draper sends what seems to be his favourite trainee, God, to the Sun system in the Milky Way to do just that, but, unbeknown to Draper, God has his own theory on life creation called evolution. God sets evolution in motion on the planet he has called Earth but when the development is too slow he starts to meddle with the process causing the planet to be populated by giant creatures he calls dinosaurs. He reports back to Draper who strangely, rather than giving him a bollicking, summons the Intergalactic Trouble-shooter, Armageddon, to help....... Armageddon manages to sort most of the problems and gradually gets seduced into helping God with his other hare-brained scheme called religion. Religion takes off in different forms so God sets himself up to become a Messiah to unite them all. The plan falters when he gets a local girl pregnant but Armageddon comes up with an idea that will make the child, Jesus Christ, the said Messiah. It all goes pear shaped when the local authorities crucify Jesus but Armageddon spirits him back to ESRA where they attempt to save his life. The ruling council aren't happy but they are sufficiently intrigued with evolution and religion that they approve a watching brief on Earth. As the planet sinks into a mess of wars, conflict and religious intolerance Armageddon finds a loophole in the directive and he and God help out where they can while preparing for the return of Jesus.

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