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This huge collection of H.G. Wells' writing, contains 149 separate works, including his famous novels of Science Fiction: 'The War of the Worlds', 'The Time Machine' and 'The Invisible Man', along with many others listed here below. H.G.Wells earned his fame due to the remarkable prescience and realism of his science fiction stories, but he was also a highly accomplished writer of romantic novels, as well as a prolific author of short stories and political essays dealing with the issues of the era. There are many examples of all these different genres included in this massive anthology. This collection of H.G.Wells work presents unparalleled value, offering carefully edited texts deliberately formatted for e-readers with an active table of contents for ease of navigation. The 149 works in this Anthology are listed below:   Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy 1. The Time Machine (1895) 2. The Wonderful Visit (1895) 3. The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896) 4. The Wheels of Chance (1896) 5. The Invisible Man (1897) 6. The War of the Worlds (1898) 7. The First Men in the Moon (1901) 8. The Sea Lady (1902) 9. The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth (1904) 10. In the Days of the Comet (1906) 11. The War in the Air (1908) 12. When the Sleeper Awakes (1910) 13. The World Set Free (1914)   Fiction: Novels 14. Love and Mr. Lewisham (1900) 15. Kipps (1905) 16. Tono-Bungay (1909) 17. Ann Veronica (1909) 18. The History of Mr. Polly (1910) 19. The New Machiavelli (1911) 20. Marriage (1912) 21. The Passionate Friends (1913) 22. The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman (1914) 23. The Research Magnificent (1915) 24. Mr. Britling Sees It Through (1916) 25. The Soul of a Bishop (1917) 26. The Secret Places of the Heart (1922)   Fiction: Short Stories Certain Personal Matters: 27. Thoughts on Cheapness and My Aunt Charlotte 28. The Trouble of Life 29. On the Choice of a Wife 30. The House of Di Sorno: A Manuscript Found in a Box 31. Of Conversation: An Apology 32. A Literary Household 33. On Schooling and the Phases of Mr Sandsome 34. The Poet and the Emporium 35. The Language of Flowers 36. The Literary Regimen 37. House-Hunting as an Outdoor Amusement 38. Of Blades and Bladery 39. Of Cleverness: Apropos of One Crichton 40. The Pose Novel 41. The Veteran Cricketer 42. Concerning a Certain Lady 43. The Shopman 44. The Book of Curses 45. Dunstone's Dear Lady 46. Euphemia's New Entertainment 47. For Freedom of Spelling: The Discovery of an Art 48. Incidental Thoughts on a Bald Head 49. Of a Book Unwritten 50. The Extinction of Man 51. The Writing of Essays 52. The Parkes Museum: The Place to Spend a Happy Day 53. Bleak March in Epping Forest 54. The Theory of Quotation 55. On the Art of Staying at the Seaside: A Meditation at Eastbourne 56. Concerning Chess 57. The Coal Scuttle: A Study in Domestic Aesthetic 58. Bagarrow 59. The Book of Essays Dedicatory 60. Through a Microscope: Some Moral Reflections 61. The Pleasure of Quarreling 62. The Amateur Nature-Lover 63. From an Observatory 64. The Mode in Monuments: Stray Thoughts in Highgate Cemetery 65. How I Died Select Conversations with an Uncle (Now Extinct), and Two Other Reminiscences: 66. Of Conversation and the Anatomy of Fashion 67. The Theory of the Perpetual Discomfort of Humanity 68. The Use of Ideals 69. The Art of Being Photographed 70. Bagshot's Mural Decorations 71. On Social Music 72. The Joy of Being Engaged 73. La Belle Dame Sans Merci: A Rhapsody 74. On a Tricycle 75. An Unsuspected Masterpiece: Authoress Unknown 76. The Great Change 77. The Pains of Marriage 78. A Misunderstood Artist 79. A Man With a Nose The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents: 80. The Stolen Bacillus 81. The Flowering of the Strange Orchid 82. In The AVU Observatory 83. The Triumphs of a Taxidermist 84. A Deal in Ostriches 85. Through a Window 86. The Temptation of Harringay 87. The Flying Man 88. The Diamond Maker 89. Aepyornis Island 90. The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes 91. The Lord of the Dynamos 92. The Hammerpond Park Burglary 93. A Moth - Genus Novo 94. The Treasure in the Forest Tales of Space and Time: 95. The Crystal Egg 96. The Star 97. A Story of the Stone Age: I-Ugh-Lomi and Uya 98. A Story of the Days to Come 99. The Man Who Could Work Miracles: A Pantoum in Prose Twelve Stories and a Dream: 100. Filmer 101. The Magic Shop 102. The Valley of Spiders 103. The Truth About Pyecraft 104. Mr Skelmersdale in Fairyland 105. The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost 106. Jimmy Goggles the God 107. The New Accelerator 108. Mr Ledbetter's Vacation 109. The Stolen Body 110. Mr Brisher's Treasure 111. Miss Winchelsea's Heart 112. A Dream of Armageddon The Plattner Story and Others: 113. The Plattner Story 114. The Argonauts of the Air 115. The Story of the Late Mr Elvesham 116. In the Abyss 117. The Apple 118. Under the Knife 119. The Sea Raiders 120. Pollock and the Porroh Man 121. The Red Room Other Short Stories: 122. The Cone 123. The Purple Pileus 124. The Jilting of Jane 125. In the Modern Vein: An Unsympathetic Love Story 126. A Catastrophe 127. The Lost Inheritance 128. The Sad Story of a Dramatic Critic 129. A Slip Under the Microscope 130. The Door in the Wall 131. A Moonlight Fable 132. The Country of the Blind 133. The Obliterated Man 134. The Empire of the Ants 135. The Beautiful Suit   Non-Fiction: Social and Political Questions 136. A Modern Utopia (1905) 137. Anticipations of the Reactions of Mechanical and?Scientific Progress upon uponHuman Life and Thought (1901) 138. Mankind in the Making (1903) 139. New Worlds for Old (1908) 140. First and Last Things (1908) 141. An Englishman Looks at the World (1914) 142. What is Coming? (1916) 143. God the Invisible King (1917) 144. War and the Future (aka Italy, France and Britain at?War) (1917) 145. In the Fourth Year (1918) 146. The Salvaging of Civilization (1921)   Non-Fiction: Miscellaneous Writings 147. Floor Games (1911) 148. Little Wars (1913) 149. A Short History of the World (1922)  

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