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The Intergalactic Peddler - Volume V- subtitled, Start of the Demise, takes place around the years, 21,264 AD. In the eBook titled, Dimensional Time Travelers, Ronnie discussed how a recently discovered prophesy would set the stage for the joining of the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies. When scientists uncover some ancient artifacts buried under the rubble of a burial crypt that the people of planet Earth called the pyramids, they discover stone tablets that prophesied the end of time in the cosmos. The scholars of planet Earth would not normally take such information seriously, but the tablets also gave the dates for other cosmic events that have already occurred. The fulfillments of this prophesy will result in a catastrophic event that will end all time in the cosmos around the year 60,122 AD (601st century). This volume of the series brings the Peddler Series, full circle and sets the stage for the final volume subtitled, The End of Time - A Paradox.The owners and crew of the original time travel vessel commissioned by the IFTT as The Empress discovered they were no longer able to support the rapid increase in customer visits to distant universes. To help reduce the workload, they created and commissioned two new time travel vessels. The IFTT commissioned the first vessel as the Yutaka II. It will serve as a hyper-flight vessel to deliver emergency supplies, medicines, and perishable food products to all but one of the universes on the customer list. The newly commissioned vessel named the Coalsack, will serve a dual function as a vacation platform, and to service the newly established customer base in a distant universe known as Universe Number Sixty-Seven.After the destruction of the beach house in the tsunami, Jill and Trish tried to decide how to rebuild the structure for a second time. The original beach house had burned during a lightning storm, now the second beach house was lost to a tsunami wave. Both of the girls wanted another vacation home where the families and crewmembers could relax and party together, but neither wanted to go through the process of rebuilding on the vulnerable Pacific Coast beach of planet Earth. Jill commented that she would like to see other parts of the cosmos and maybe find other planets to vacation on and visit. The Coalsack vessel would serve that function.The science fiction based eBook titled, Dimensional Time Travelers, established the original eleventh-dimension time travel membranes that Ronnie created to transport humans and many other entities of the cosmos through space and time. Ronnie later used that collection of short stories (many written over thirty-five years ago) as a platform to build the Intergalactic Peddler Series. This volume, Volume V, revisits many of those early stories that contained time lines from the twenty and twenty-first centuries, and moves them forward into the 201st century. This volume sets the stage for the last and final volume of the series, Volume VI. I will tell you this; the time line for Volume VI begins in the Earth year of 54,000 AD. Enough said!Ronnie Coleinger

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601812024
    • ISBN:  9780983499138

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