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In a far away land on a planet ruled by nomadic tribes, comes a special hero. Trained in all form of known martial arts, a young member of the Zhite tribe learns the true nature of his gift and his destiny when foreigners arrive. The foreigners, bristling with superior technology and military might land on the planet Schmek in the Aknord system. Within days, these people, called Jalkchans, take over the planet and soon learn the meaning of teamwork. Tral, the young hero of the Zhite tribe, pulls the nomadic tribes of Schmek together for a war. Once the battle has been won, the Jalkchan Supreme Commander, General Ruhl, invites Tral to Aknord for a special sports event. General Ruhl tells Tral, fight for your planet and your children. You win and Ill leave Schmek, you loose and I take it all. Tral agrees and the battle for good and evil is on once again; failure for Tral is not an option.

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