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    Dr. Cooper Corbis is a molecular biologist and a professor at a large Southern university. He's clean-cut, all business, and lives for his research. He's also lost, lonely, and looking for meaning in his life--the kind of meaning only love can reveal. He just doesn't know this. Not until a new student walks into his classroom one day and steals his heart while arousing raw lust.Sonia Simmons is a young Africa-American undergrad recently transferred from another school. Smart, bubbly, and outgoing, she quickly decides that her new professor is worth a much closer look.At their first meeting, Sonia goes out of her way to show her new professor her wares. This isn't lost on Cooper, who is driven to such sexual distraction that he finds himself running to the bathroom to masturbate. This is out of character for Cooper, but he cannot deny Sonia's influence. Soon it is Sonia who finds herself masturbating in class, with Cooper stumbling to deliver his lecture. As the semester progresses, Cooper and Sonia intensify their flirting and find themselves prisoners to their shared obsession. Their first sexual pairing occurs one day after Cooper's office hours and continues later that night with a torrid romp on the floor of his house.Despite the fireworks between them, all is not perfect. The reality of life, school, and economics soon interrupts their intense new romance. Cooper's graduate assistant suddenly drops out of school due to a family emergency. Sonia's future is not guaranteed. Money is an issue. She'll soon graduate, and she's not yet been accepted to graduate school. A solution to their problem then presents itself to Cooper, who tries unsuccessfully to contact Sonia. By this time, he has grown dangerously obsessed with his new student. In a fit of desperation, he breaks into her dorm room and makes love to her as she sleeps. When she awakens, she admits to having likewise grown obsessed. The two continue their lovemaking into the night.The next morning, Cooper shares his solution with Sonia: she is to become his new laboratory assistant. Her future is secured. With their challenges resolved, the two lovers are free once again to experiment. They take their lovemaking to new heights, exploring anal sex, urethral sounds, nipple piercing, and double penetrations.In time, the semester draws to a close and, when Sonia graduates, she and Cooper find themselves quite literally at the climax of their whirlwind courtship. Their emotional and sexual relationship comes to a head at a campus graduation party. They take their lovemaking to new heights, culminating in an intense experience that defines and changes their relationship. This experience will either tear them apart or bond them forever.

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