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Civilized humanity historically has an impoverished, downtrodden underclass: the Egyptian pyramid workers, the Roman Empires slaves, the medieval serfs, and the twentieth centurys urban ghetto-dwellers. Normally this class has a useful role: manual labor in mine and field, or service in home and restaurant. Cannon fodder. But as the computer age develops, complex machinery replaces labor, smart programs obsolete human services, and fire and forget missiles replace infantry. Even the need for skilled labor and middle management shrivels. In the twenty-first century the productivity of an individual worker skyrockets, so much so that only a few produce all of civilizations basic needs. Thus billions of people become useless, while high technologys surplus prevents starvation, plague, and war. Humanity changes itself, too. Many rich couples select superior genetic characteristics for their babies. Stem-cell injections rejuvenate aged brains. Then members of the upper class transplant those brains into bodies of the young poor. Finally, chromosome-alteration leads to extended life spans. Two classes, the unemployed that live on welfare and the powerful, separate into different sub-species. Surplus population damages the environment and discomfits the rich. They anticipate eternal life and want parkland, fresh air, and carefree association with their own kind. They dissolve fertility suppressant in ghetto water supplies. Thus science and greed conspire against the poor. John "QUIET" Griffin is a "Welfie raised in the crowded ghetto of San Angeles, the combined San Diego and Los Angeles megacity. He must battle the rulers of his society to avoid genocide and achieve justice. REVIEWS In the July, 2002 issue, the Midwest Book Review says "The Last Underclass is enthusiastically recommended for hard core science fiction fans." # The Compulsive Reader reports in July, 2002 that "Dean Warren has written a fascinating science fiction story that moves through time and space at lightning speed...This book is certainly thought provoking as well as entertaining reading." # Curled Up With A Good Book reports on July 18, 2002 that "The Last Underclass is the kind of book that redeems the whole self-publishing print-on-demand trend. Well-written and thoughtful..." # MY SHELF, on 11/1/2002, states: "Read THE LAST UNDERCLASS" # RAMBLES, a cultural arts magazine, states in August of 2002: "Warren manages to tell a story heavy in dialogue and political manuevering without losing a sense of speed. His message will likely speak to the growing number of people concerned with the fast march of science. THE LAST UNDERCLASS is good enough to set people talking about the issues that scare them." # THE LAST UNDERCLASS tells a story that has the basic traits for a super movie. I give the book top rating. Dave Foster, Pigeon Forge, TN.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2002
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100307302
    • ISBN:  9781462817214

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