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As androids proliferate, become highly skilled, and become difficult to tell apart from humans, Mytown Mining, Inc. takes full advantage of the situation to secretly rise up from below and give those responsible for top secret plans in the United States Air Force all that it can handle in the remotest western skies. Meanwhile, the three members of the Braun family, Ben, Jenny, and Max, are plucked from their normal routine to participate voluntarily in the top secret plans along with a few others to battle the crooked corporation sometimes underground, but mostly in the air. Ben, the inventor and manufacturer of the Mindblower, a sleek electronic device that boosts memory and enhances mental acuity, disappears on a family hike in the rain forest. When Jenny, his wife and a traveling pharmaceutical sales representative, and Max, his teenage son, try to find him in Jenny’s small plane, they discover the USAF top secret facilities and its latest top secret aircraft and androids. Then as they and their friends continue their search for Ben, they find themselves fighting for their lives and for those humans and androids beside them until they discover much more about what really goes on between the military and the bad mining corporation and the future for both humans and androids. The Mindblower Androids is the second novel in a trilogy by Randall Edward Foss, beginning with The Mindblower Families. The story continues with The Mindblower Orbs, coming soon. Gradually, the recurring characters develop into greater importance as they are thrust deeper into the mysteries behind corporate control over the U.S. government and over energy economics. Mytown Mining, Inc., using android miners instead of human labor to dig deeper in remote regions first on earth and then in space for new energy reserves, must fight off both human and android heroes seeking to curtail its overbearing dominance threatening all human safety and freedom.

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