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THE TIME IS NOW. Or is it? Our universe is grinding to a halt. Trapped in a perpetual time loop, we repeat the same lives, over and over. But worse, the loop is tightening into a noose, trapping humanity in a single moment of Now. How can one young woman change this?Naked Worlds Trilogy exposes the raw truths of our hidden civilization—painful truths of its crafting, and the powerful men using occult manipulation to control us. Before the worlds are bared, Crystal and the readers will learn all three methods of time travel.Secrets lie within these tales. Peel back the skins of your innermost suspicions for chilling discoveries.DEEP NAKED, Book I: When Crystal Carson receives the birthday gift of her dreams she develops super human abilities and is sought by a cult and black government operations. On a run for her life, she must choose to save herself, or save the world from a catastrophic event by untwisting time.SKIN SLICKERS: When Crystal vanishes without explanation, Glenn teams with risky characters and alien species to find her. He discovers the truths of the planetary controllers and is horrified to learn who he really is.CRYSTAL’S SKULL: With the alien rain destroying humankind world-wide, Crystal and her friends seek cover in an ancient underground bunker. But an ancient artifact reveals truths that force Crystal to develop beyond what’s humanly possible. Aliens find her and she must transcend who and what she is to set the time line to right.

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