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Where once there was the peaceful planet of Omega Web, now there is only destruction and violence. One fateful night to completely change everything they thought they knew. On the night of the greatest meteor shower in the history of the Web, a black meteor crashed into it, sending a shockwave rippling through the planet. It left very little noticeable damage, but in its wake was left something far more devastating.The morning after the crash, everyone on the Web found themselves with strange new powers. Their internal energy could now be turned into a weapon. However, it also gave many of them a strange bloodlust. Riots began to spread, people began to forget their humanity, their so-called “civilized” nature left behind, and before long an eight-way war had spread across the entire planet. Petty, arbitrary differences split you into faction, with no rhyme or reason beyond some kind of strange connection with their newfound powers.Two years after the crash, seeming to have come out of some kind of stasis, three brothers, Jeremy, Jake, and their adopted brother Ben Green, awaken to find that they have gained the same powers as the rest of the Web. When they return home, they find the Meteor’s crater has destroyed their home, and their parents, shattering what is left of the past. Underneath the wreckage, they find that their father knew something about what was going to happen, though how much he knew, or how, he does not say.With nowhere else to go, they must join the very forces that are working to tear apart the web: the armies. Yet, due to the nature of the war, they cannot remain together safely. They eventually split up, vowing to see each other again and find an answer to how to end the war, before all of Omega Web is consumed by it. Yet, they cannot help but wonder, is it already too late?

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