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Within a futuristic world, it has been several years since Andy Mars changed his name and entered what he calls his third life as a farmer on Eden, the home of the Plant God, where a series of events have led to an interplanetary war with an Empire determined to conquer all humanity. One day when a vulnerable Andy becomes yet another victim of the poisonous plant, the Chalda Thorn, he must rely on wisdom from an unlikely source to survive. As he recovers, he feels stronger and buoyed by a strange feeling that he will only come to understand later. But little does he know that his wife, Myra, is harboring secrets and the nature of the Plant God is about to be revealed as the future of the Empire and galaxy hangs in the balance. The Plant God shares the suspenseful and exciting tale of a space travelers journey into a changing universe where he discovers mystery, romance, and wild adventures.

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