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Terry Bridger is a unique individual. A former Army Ranger, CIA operative, cop and private detective, he now works as a consultant for the FBI. His specialty? Catching the most vicious, most dangerous serial killers. And he has a hidden advantage. He calls him Charlie.  Charlie is an alien.  Not a little green man or anything as mundane as that. No, Charlie is a non-corporeal being known as a Chrliti. He is simply energy. And he is not alone. Others of his race are scattered among humanity, living quietly, and silently in most cases. But when Terry goes to Chicago to investigate a series of brutal murders of cabbies, he finds out not only what his friend can do, but that others of Charlie's race have some rather special abilities as well, along with some very human tendencies. The trouble is that not all of them have humanity's best interests at heart.

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