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This is not a happy tale. Be forewarned, if you want a happy ending, do not read; if you are looking for a feel-good story, pass this one up; if you seek a heart warming tale, move along move along, there is nothing here for you to see. This is a tale of woe, unadulterated, unwavering anguish. Enter at your own risk and do not forget gentle reader; you have been warned. If anyone ever tells you that what you read does not affect the way that you think, they are dead wrong. The story that lies before you is proof positive of that. I was reading "The Road" when I wrote this. Usually, the stories that I write have a happy ending, at least somewhere in the journey through the pages, but not this one. This is a dark tale born from the despair that "The Road" raised in my soul during the reading of that epic, yet horrid tale. I hope that those brave enough to read this tale will at least appreciate the shadow of utter despair and misery that I fed into this story. Enjoy or not, read or not, but warned you have been. I humbly pass my creation into your capable hands, open or closed, the choice is yours.

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