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If the atmosphere on Conboet’s inner moon hadn’t been poisonous, the human crew of the doomed generation ship, Tanis, might never have taken a second look at the frozen snowball that was Syton, might never have discovered that life could be sustained deep within its vast gorge, midway between the frigid surface, and the geothermal hell thirteen kilometers below. It was there, over thirty years ago, that Second Officer, Avram Elstrada struggled to break through the language barrier to negotiate a settlement agreement with the resident natives—safe harbor as long as humans agreed to follow certain Prohibitions. Foremost among them was the prohibition against the use of superior technology. They would have to give up thousands of years of science and engineering and live in the same agrarian manner as the natives, if they were to live in the Syton gorge. It was their last, best chance of surviving their dying, seven hundred year old starship. And they took it. The Second Moon, is a science fiction adventure that chronicles a young couple forced to abandon their simple lives and overcome treachery, kidnapping, and murder to save their fragile human colony. Struggling with their own fears and shortcomings, they not only discover the true mysterious purpose behind The Prohibitions, but that heroic and noble traits dwell within all races and possibly, even themselves.

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