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Future Tides- By Nancy C Wilson and Harriet TrevathanThe beginning of Future Tides is how Parkerville came into being. The desperation of a minister, his family and the whole congregation is apparent when the younger generation goes searching for an answer and finds an unbelievable breakthrough into the past. At one point, the people of Parkerville believed they lived in a safe, secure town. Skye MacKenna and Cassie Evans changed all that. With the arrival of two teenage girls in the first book, Chased Hearts, boys were out to catch them and the other girls in the town resented them. In Golden Shackles, the bracelets all of the girls must wear are especially tiresome for Skye and her new best friend, Cassie; until they realize the powers they possess, and how to use them. In Holidays and Dreamy Nights, the girls learn the different ways Parkerville celebrates the holidays. They even discover winter butterflies and deckers. The fourth and final book, Future Tides, goes deeper into solving more secrets. There is a tender thread that has started to unravel between the future and the past. A body is found. Now, it’s murder. Love and romance must be put on hold as our girls, Skye and Cassie part ways to find out the truth about their parents disappearance.Harriet Trevathan and Nancy C. Wilson were friends in their teen years in the 60s and decided to write a fictional story of those years and some of their memories. Harriet writes for her character Cassie and for Cassies friends and family. Nancy writes for Skye and Skyes friends and family. Were saying good-bye to our characters in this final book. We hope you enjoyed the sweet, tender and sometimes innocent sixties with us. It was a different time, although love and making out still took top priority for teenagers.

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