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"The uneasy peace that has existed for more than 100 years between the Confederate States and the United States may be over...." -- Civil War Times A riveting alternate history in the tradition of THE GUNS OF THE SOUTH and SS-GB.  The South won at Gettysburg in 1863. Today the Mason-Dixon Wall divides Union and Confederacy . . . and many other things are different from the world we know.  There was no Russian Revolution and no World War Two. The Wright brothers died in fiery crashes, and gigantic Zeppelins cruise the skies. Nevertheless, a shaky peace has prevailed between the North and South.  For forty years now, steaming endlessly up and down the North American coast from the Antilles to Nova Scotia, the Great Line has been the guarantor of the policy (first formulated by Winston Churchill in 1955) of "containment" of the expansionist Yankees and their no less aggressive Czarist Russian allies. Ten time larger than the primitive dreadnoughts Jellicoe and von Scheer maneuvered in 1916, each modern line-of-battle ship takes seventeen years to build and strains the resources of its sponsor government. Only now . . . that ring of guns and steel may be broken. For now the Union has a powerful new weapon, tested on Yokohama during the just-concluded Yankee-Japanese War.  Unless the Confederacy can obtain its secret for the Empire, the hundred and thirty-year balance of terror may escalate into global disaster. Only Colonel Aubrey Lee Quidley IV, Confederate States Army Intelligence, knows of the Shiloh Project's existence.  Until the leak.  In a police-state “Dixie Socialist” South, closed off behind barbed wire, there are those who want disaster for their own ends.  The vengeful "conditionally emancipated" black Resistance . . . the fascist, genocidal Kuklos League . . . a beautiful Yankee mole inside the highest levels of the Richmond Government. Together, they’ll turn Quidley's mission into a treacherous triangle of conspiracy, betrayal, and chaos.  Whoever wins, the Confederacy will never be the same. . . . About the Author Millions of copies of Dave Poyer's thirty-plus books are in print, including THE MED, THE GULF, THE CIRCLE, THE PASSAGE, TOMAHAWK, CHINA SEA, BLACK STORM, THE COMMAND, THE THREAT, KOREA STRAIT, THE WEAPON, THE CRISIS, and THE TOWERS, USA Today best-selling novels of the modern Navy and Marine Corps; and FIRE ON THE WATERS, A COUNTRY OF OUR OWN, and THAT ANVIL OF OUR SOULS, historical fiction set during the Civil War.  His work has been translated into Japanese, Dutch, and Italian, and rights have been sold for films, audiobooks, and ebooks. Poyer holds a master's degree from George Washington University and has taught or lectured at Annapolis, Flagler College, University of Pittsburgh, Old Dominion University, Armed Forces Staff College, University of North Florida, The New College, and other institutions.  He has been a writer in residence at Flagler and Annapolis, and a guest on PBS's "Writer to Writer" series and on Voice of America.  His fiction has been required reading in the U.S. Naval Academy’s “Literature of the Sea” course, along with that of Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville.  He was a founding editor of the New Virginia Review and is currently a consulting editor for other literary magazines.  He currently teaches fiction and memoir in the Creative Writing program at Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA. THE SHILOH PROJECT, originally published in 1981, was his second novel. Website:   Facebook: David Poyer

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