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Seven years have passed by, and Thomas and Joshua were doing well, in fact they are doing so well that people were starting to notice that these two boy are different, very different and now it is time for them to shine, and soon the world will see them for what they really are! Jack was born evil, but evil comes in many forms, but when it comes hidden in the form of an innocent looking young boy, it has the power to cause death to all those who dare enter his world. His eighteenth birthday is nearing fast, and then he will show Annabelle the delights he has for her! With help from Ava, who he has accidentally brought back to life, his life is about to get very strange, eventually making him more dangerous that anyone could ever have imagined. Liev Malik once again is back, but this time he has been recruited for another purpose, and once he discovers the truth, he will never be the same again! George, now retired and lucky to still be alive after the plane crash is soon back on the case that has so far left him with more questions, than answers. When his contacted by John, more of the mysteries start to unfold and the horrors that have been going on, right under there noses?

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