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New starships are nothing but trouble. Its something Roscoe Cook heard his old commander say, often quite loudly. But he never believed it until he got a starship of his own, and faced the task of getting the ship and its temperamental crew ready to sail.The Sirens of Space, the first book in the Guardians of Peace science fiction adventure series, lays out the background for the rest of the series. Commander Cook, a gifted young officer, is promoted to captain and given command of his starship. But, military contractors having changed little over the years, his ship causes him nothing but grief-and its all he can do to keep everyones mind focused on getting their ship ready to sail. Meanwhile, politicians and commercial interests are scheming to bring about a change in the Terran Government, hoping for one more amenable to exploiting the riches to be found in the star clouds and planets of the Cosmic East, where the aliens are resisting Terran encroachment. Before long, the principals are taking to the skies...toward whatever fate awaits them among the stars.

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