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    In an antique store in a city called New York on the world Terranova, a man and a woman discover a collection of extraordinary objects that open the way to worlds and adventures that they could never have imagined. Spanning time and space and alternating between the three worlds of an unusual universe that seems familiar in some ways but is very, very different, the tale expands to include a huge cast of characters, mortal and immortal, on three very different worlds.The Talisman Matrix begins the Temporal Fugue and the Space Between cycle with the discovery of the first talismans in an antique store on the earth like world Terranova. The talismans are powerstones that allow a small group of Terranovans not only to transform themselves into spirit wolves but also to travel to Caoilte Dhu and Midhir, the other worlds of the Talisman Matrix. On Caoilte Dhu, called the Fairest World, they become involved with a group of singular individuals led by the bard Finn of the Long Road that is plunged into a quest to learn the origin of a dire threat to not only Caoilte Dhu but all of the worlds of the Talisman Matrix.The Terranovans include J.T.Crowe who with the woman Lisa Aubrey first discovers the talisman stones. Crowe's friend Gonzalez Smith, a half-breed Cherokee bartender in south Florida, is drawn into to strange adventure along with a huge cast of other characters from the world called Terranova. The shock to J.T. and Lisa that came with the powerstones diminished to almost nothing when Gonzalez Smith used the silver powerstone that transformed him into a partnership with the red-haired Tuatha de Danaan healer god Diancecht! In the process, the three learn that none of them is quite what they seem and that each has a past history that plays a major role in the tale as it unfolds.Meanwhile, on Caoilte Dhu, the bard Finn of the Long Road is trapped into leading a quest to discover the reason why the barriers that had protected the Greenworlds of the Sidhe had been shattered by the actions of a curious yellow-eyed boy named Gral who served a mysterious and powerful mistress. In the quest, Finn and his companions soon learn that an even greater threat is looming over not only Caoilte Dhu but all of the worlds of the Talisman Matrix.As the Terranovans and Finn's companions who have named themselves The Greenworld Fellowship come together they learn that the threat is even greater than perceived learning that in fact the gods and demons of the Talisman worlds are real and that they each have an agenda. The demons and their allies are bent on conquest. The Tuatha de Danaan, like the demons, have been exiled from the Fairest World in the interest of peace but some of them want to return whatever the cost!

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