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The Third Collapse is a sci-fi novel set sometime during the ‘Dark Era’, over 1e100 years in the future, where the inhabitants of the artificial planet called Jovnia -- both real and virtual 'quantum states' -- relentlessly fight entropy and prepare for the possible Third and the last Collapse of the Universe, as they themselves are on the brink of absolute technological singularity. A surrealistic nightmare at times, it is most often an adventure, with touches of humor and cyberpunk-like hacker references. The story revolves around the unique Processor -- a symbol, and perhaps a tool, for achieving technological singularity. Some believe it can be used to fight the dark Decay -- something the very old Universe has a lot of. The Third Collapse can be called as a post-apocalyptic dystopia, yet it does not necessarily feel like a dystopia; it feels like an old movie from the 2001: Space Odyssey era, with long picturesque scenes, but also touches of hard science fiction told via dialogue, and at times, rash decisions by characters. The text of this book uses the gender-neutral singular pronoun ‘they’ (and ‘themself’ in the reflexive form). It is done with the sole purpose of leaving it to the reader to imagine the genders of characters, if the reader feels the need to do it at all.

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