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IntroductionTime TravelI have always been fascinated by time travel.Even in 1960 I have always believed that if one day we can beat the speed of light we should be able to travel through time.One of the earliest stories was by Mark Twain in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court.Even the The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a Time ravel story about Mr. Scrooge who was bought to his past and then his future by the Christmas Ghost.Rip Van Winkle was a story about a man who slept into the future and found everything changed.I used to be fascinated by the tale of THE TIME MACHINE by H.G.Wells.An inventor creates a time machine and travels to the year 802,701 AD.There, humans have evolved into two species, Morlocks and Eloi.He even talked about flying machines during his time travel in the future long before any airplane was thought to be possible.Back to the future is another movie about time travel where Marty travels to the past with the help of Doc Brown the inventor.Time travel is achieved by means of a flux capacitor installed in a DeLorean DMC12 sports carThis is my first fiction story after 111 non-fiction medical books.Please let me know if you like it.This is my own story of a fictional family of three who use time travel to help each other out just like I would if I can travel through time.John the son 40 years old - the inventor of the Time Travel WatchMary the mother 65 years old – the mother of JohnJason the father 65 years old – died of aneurysm of the brain at the age of 35 years who is still alive thanks to his son JohnChapter 1The ParcelJason was hard at work at his office when he received a letter from the Post Office to collect a small parcel at the Post Office.“What the Heck!” Jason was unhappy “Why can’t they send the parcel to me instead of my going down to the Post Office?”.The last time he had collected a parcel was 5 years ago when he bought a Casio watch online.He was still wearing it but the watch was getting old and the time was constantly fast by 2 minutes.Never to be angry for long, his face brightened up: “Oh well, I can do with a walk to the post office at my lunch time.”Keeping the paper from the post office in his pocket, he cleared his work quickly. It was almost lunch time.“I might as well go to the post office before lunch time” he said as he took a leisurely walk to the Fullerton Post Office near his Office.“Wow! The building is really huge but so run down” he said as he entered the post office.He headed toward the small parcel section of the post office.There was a queue waiting at the counter. At the counter was a petite friendly looking girl who appears to be very efficient as she cleared the queue within 10 minutes.“Hi! I’m Jason. Can I collect my parcel?” I said, handing the slip of paper to the counter girl.She replied “I’m Mary, and here is your parcel.” She then smiled and said “There is no one behind you. Maybe I can help you.”Jason immediately warmed to the helpful counter girl and said, “I can open the parcel here if you do not mind.”With Mary’s help he opened the parcel and found a new funny-looking watch with 3 buttons.He thought to myself “Wow, I was just thinking of changing my watch. He took off his old watch and put on his new watch. He said “Now if only I knew how to use the watch. The year looks funny – 2054.”“Try the first button,” Mary said. Jason pressed the first button. There was a whirling sound. Jason was startled. The room began spinning faster and faster. Jason held onto a pillar and closed his eyes. Suddenly the whirling sound stopped.TABLE OF CONTENTChapter 1 The ParcelChapter 2 Back to the FutureChapter 3 The FamilyChapter 4 Return to the PastChapter 5 Back to the Future AgainChapter 6 More Adventures

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