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An enormous antigravity field forms over Lake Titicaca in the High Andes and South America's poorest country suddenly finds itself in possession of the greatest natural resource ever discovered, a naturally-occurring reversal of the earth's gravity near the Island of the Moon. The phenomenon provides a daily launch window into orbit and deep space beyond, making the island the focal point of a worldwide struggle that involves the U.S. military, the Red Chinese, and the New Empire of the Incas, descendents of indigenous people of the region bent on reclaiming lost glory at any cost. American FAA investigator Tyler Freeman and scientist Dr. Thaddeus Stout investigate the mysterious disappearance of an airliner brought down by the Titicaca Effect and become enmeshed in a web of danger, geopolitical intrigue and terrorism. Along the way, they befriend the newly-elected and charismatic President of the Republic of Bolivia, who finds himself thrust center stage and nose-to-nose with the world's superpowers as he fights to retain control of the resource. The Titicaca Effect is a compelling science fiction story, a rousing political thriller and a lively adventure all in one arresting novel you won't be able to put down.

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