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“This doesn’t end for me until Jade Ryan is here. On this ship. With us.”In the third chapter of the Vindicator series, Jace Ryan and his crew are drawn further into the Company’s long game, and Ryan’s sister Jade has become the latest pawn on the board.After six months of chasing the elusive Ryan and his crew, Commander Straker and President Aarla are now desperate to capture them. Straker devises a new plan to not only stop Ryan, but give Aarla deniability in the process. He enlists the help of Ryan’s old enemy, Tavion Karr, in order to spring his latest trap.Ryan meanwhile, is still carrying on a seemingly hopeless search for Jade. He’s frustrated at every turn by misinformation and traps set by bounty hunters, and it’s all beginning to take a toll on his sanity. That’s when Karr contacts Ryan to tell him that he’s out of prison… and holding Jade prisoner! He’s holding her at his base on Treos, the third moon of the planet Bernadea. When Karr threatens to kill her if Ryan doesn’t come to Treos, he sets the stage for the Vindicator crew’s most dangerous adventure yet.Ryan refuses to give up until he has his sister back. But Karr wants revenge, Straker’s trap is about to close, and to top it all off, Ryan is about to pay a heavy price in the face of a betrayal from the last person he expected…

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