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Just regular teens with superhuman powers.Set in the small Long Island town of Mayfair Park, The Tribe tells the story of an ethnically diverse group of high school seniors. Unknown to anyone else, these high school seniors have been harboring a secret that has the potential to change the world. Over the past several years each of these high school seniors has developed a unique superhuman ability.Slowly, their powers are revealed to each other and the teens set about the difficult task of learning to control their abilities. Everything suddenly changes, however, when a serial killer begins abducting teens across the island, leaving their mutilated bodies behind.When several members of the group go missing, the remaining teens must come together and use all their courage and ability to rescue their friends from a fate worse than death. The clock is ticking… and what the teens discover next will rock them to their very core. Someone very powerful is plotting against them, and it’s only a matter of time before they uncover the truth about their very own existence…Now the high school seniors of Mayfair Park must overcome the forces sent against them in a series of deadly encounters that will either set them free or lead to their instant demise. Throughout this ordeal, the teens also face another important dilemma… how do they explain their absence to their parents without being grounded and missing the senior prom?The Tribe is a gripping and powerful tale about survival. It is about making difficult and courageous decisions at the risk of losing everything and everyone. Ultimately, this is a story about hope overcoming fear in a truly original way.

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