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The lone survivor of a hostile invasion . . . a troubled commander home from a long mission - their worlds collide under the tyranny and oppression of the new rulers of Earth and its allies in the breathtaking first volume of a stunning new space opera - The Union: To The Brink. After five years on a successful deep space first contact mission discovering a race called the Serty, Commander Joe Morris arrives at a crossroads in his life. The rest of the tri-species crew of the 71st Union Ship Tresera prepare to reunite with their families, their homes. However, Joe’s past mistakes forced him into a ‘last chance’ situation onboard the Tresera and he dreads leaving it or her famed captain - the one individual who took a chance on him - Loftren-Kajan. When they cross back into Union space, they discover the unthinkable: The once mighty fleet destroyed, all of their people subjugated, their government replaced, and the masses controlled by the threat of annihilation. The perpetrators: the Telkians – an advanced, humanoid race from beyond mapped space. Nyeta-Kiret lived through it all. In fact, she had a front row seat the day the Union fell. Fresh out of the Academy and assigned a cushy post in Union Headquarters, she was the only survivor from the Union Command Center. She was allowed to live because she did the one thing no one else would: she bowed to the Telkians. For five years, they made an example of her to show what a subservient citizen should be. The Telkians even bestowed her with a title of apparent significance, causing her own people to hate her even more. But guilt hollowed her from the inside out. She wants to act, to undermine her oppressors. But how? What difference can one person really make? Devious as they are cruel, the Telkians drive a wedge between the three formally allied races they’ve conquered. Many turn on each other – a true test for the morals, beliefs, and friendships born of their past lives together. Will the crew of the Tresera splinter apart like their peoples have? Or will they hold onto the codes of the fallen Union, resist their oppressors, and fight even their own kind if necessary to keep the Union alive? For Joe Morris and Nyeta-Kiret this is their one chance at redemption. And coupled with a startling revelation about the Serty, it may be the only hope of survival for three worlds pushed to the brink!

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102197048
    • ISBN:  9781458083357

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