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    Shruti Sain is a young scientist from Kolkata who invents the formula of 'Transfusion of Species". The day she invents it, the betrayal of her boyfriend gets revealed and she catches him red-handed with her best-friend. She suffers a mental trauma. Later, her boss plagiarizes her invention and gets it published in self name. Shruti is totally devastated. Her father takes her to a village in the valleys of Himalayas. Shruti starts recovering. One day while roaming in the jungle she comes across a man who reveals himself to be a scientist Dr. Maverick who was declared dead 10 years ago. Dr. Maverick tells Shruti that his death was a conspiracy of his colleagues. He asks Shruti to join him in his plan of revenge. With initial hesitation, Shruti joins and both of them start full-fledged experiments with 'Transfusion of Species'. One day Shruti suddenly falls ill and faints. She wakes up after 6 months to realize that she was being cheated by Dr. Maverick. Dr. reveals his evil plans and tells her that he has manipulated her complete nervous system and infused the formula of 'Transfusion of Species' and that she cannot deny his commands. Shruti becomes his assassin and starts committing murders on his command. To break her mentally, Dr. makes her kill her own father. After that incident Shruti somehow escapes from his clutches. Dr. assumes her dead. In a jungle, Shruti meets a stranger Srujan. Srujan is at first terrified by Shruti but after listening to her story, tries to help her. Both of them move back to Dr. Maverick and kill him. Srujan takes Shruti to her father's house where they discover his ashes. In the end both of them leave for Hrishikesh to flow his ashes in the Ganges as per his last wish.

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