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In the realm of vampire fiction, we meet dangerous, romantic, exotic beings – in a word, they’re extraordinary. But what if a perfectly ordinary person became a vampire? Would his undead existence be ... ordinary?Hardly. THE VAMPIRE IN FREE FALL takes us on a roller-coaster ride of adventure as our “ordinary” night stalker finds himself caught up in espionage, murder for hire, grand theft and bloody revenge. The dangers of his tour as a soldier in Vietnam quickly pale against the car chases, street fights, burglaries and contract killings of his new life as a blood-drinking assassin-spy. Whether he can escape his human handlers and attain freedom, peace of mind and the love he craves is another matter. But never is this vampire’s life merely ordinary.Jim Hull – author of "Are Humans Obsolete?" – brings a unique approach to the vampire thriller, taking us from Saigon to the outer planets, from the 1960s to the twenty-third century, from a war in the jungle to battles in space. It’s part hard-boiled, part sci-fi, part dark comedy and all excitement, a tale that’ll keep you in its grip."Passed my two tests for a good book: a) I had trouble putting it down and b) I did not want it to end."“It will appeal to anybody who enjoys vampire books . . . I’m gonna hate myself in the morning but I need to keep reading!”

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