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In a near future filled with violence from terrorists and suicide cultists, the Wannoshay aliens crash-land on the Great Plains of America and Canada. Less than a dozen years from now, over thirty black ships containing the aliens the world will come to know as the Wannoshay arrive on the frozen earth of the Great Plains of America and Canada. Over the course of a year, the aliens attempt to become part of American society, only to be banished to internment camps when they are suspected of causing a series of deadly explosions at their new jobs. A handful of humans who made early contact with the Wannoshay converge on the aliens' mother ship to stand up for the oppressed aliens' rights. Once there, however, they soon learn that the aliens, just like humans, are not without guilt, and the humans must decide whether they should keep the aliens locked up or help them return to their homeworld to undo their misdeeds. "The Wannoshay are as vulnerable as the homeless, as pliable as the ne'er-do-wells who haunt fast food restaurants and run-down bars. They're pragmatic, not romantic. And they're as easily sidelined, dismissed and converted into scapegoats for all of our ills, for all of our sins." — Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column "Jasper has a real gift for evoking a mood, and for the most part, manages to make the Wannoshay seem genuinely, creepily alien and inexplicable. — Kirkus Reviews "Jasper imagines what first contact might be beyond Wellsian invasion—not hostile, necessarily, on either side, but rife with conflict due to misunderstandings and the problems faced by both cultures." — Booklist

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