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This fictional book is based upon authentic information, which dates back to when the Earth was still young. Clay tablets and cylinder seals, found in various museums throughout the world tell the story in stunning detail. It’s the story of a superior race of people who were the first intelligent inhabitants of our planet.The Nefilim arrived on Earth from the planet Nibiru seeking gold, which they needed to suspend in their atmosphere to save their dying planet. They found the mining process was difficult, so they considered their alternatives. Enki, one of the sons of the supreme ruler, Anu, proposed a solution. He and his sister Ninmah, also known as Ninhursag, the chief medical officer of the Nefilim, would combine the “seed” of the Nefilim with the “egg” of hominids that inhabited Earth at that time to produce a ‘primitive worker.’ Enki and Ninmah experimented and tinkered with genetic manipulation until they finally were satisfied with the result – Homo sapiens.Now the story continues into the present day as the Nefilim make their presence known to the modern day world. They have returned to claim what they believe is their rightful planet, Earth! The Nefilim are divided into two factions, one of which wants to help humans overcome their destructive ways, and another faction that will conquer Earth. Professor Josh Summers is recruited, first by the governments of China and the U.S., and then by a peaceful group of Nefilim. The odds favor the aggressive faction of the Nefilim, who possess superior technology and weaponry. Follow this exciting tale, which takes many twists and turns, not to mention many locations, including Hong Kong, mainland China, and the U.S. states of New York, Florida, Virginia and ultimately, the upper regions of Earth’s atmosphere.

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