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The Zodiac System. A unique grouping of twelve planets around a single star. Its history…cut off abruptly, lost in the void of space and time. Its future…precariously riding the line between a renewed renaissance and utter collapse.  Its people are desperately struggling to put war and carnage behind them in order to birth a new era of peace and economic harmony. The War on Information, initially known as the V-AIR Offensive, has decimated all civilized communication channels from top to bottom, from interplanetary to individual. Though a fragile cease-fire has temporarily curbed the bloodshed, it is only a matter of time before violence erupts again. Yet hope stirs among the planets at the discovery of a vessel of rusted, aged metal, first spotted near the fringe of the solar system. Hurtling through space for thousands of years, the craft’s journey finally comes to an end when the planet Gemini apprehends it and dares to open it. Among the contents found inside, a prophecy. Once translated and interpreted, it becomes the prophecy—shedding light on the one, true way to end the remnants of war throughout the Zodiac System. Gemini’s duty is clear, and its mission has suddenly been thrust into the forefront of interplanetary attention…

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